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Kelly May


I've written and directed commercials, tv shows and films. I've worked with NBCUniversal, E!, Disney Channel, DreamWorks, A&E, Mattel, AwesomenessTV, Simple Human, Airbnb, Diet Pepsi, Walt Disney World, CBSFilms, Sony Pictures Television, Starz,  FOX Searchlight, Amazon Studios, Comedy Central and more. 

In 2019 I was welcomed into the Producer's Guild of America

Motion Picture and Television Council.

I grew up self producing videos and made my way into the industry through my short films. I spent years nurturing my talents; writing and performing weekly sketch comedy shows, getting trained at UCB, editing videos, reading Stephen King's book On Writing (seriously, great book) and getting lessons from my roommate who was in the USC screenwriting program, it was a two for one education. 

My curiosity (and middle child syndrome) drives me to create work that explores the absurd and unseen. I am passionate about storytelling and the power of media. I'm considered a master of voices, a chameleon. I can easily write as existing characters or brand voices, expanding their worlds seamlessly. I understand all aspects of production. That knowledge has helped me manage the needs and timelines of teams big and small. At the end of the day, I'm a film fanatic and the work is exciting. 

Thanks for checkin out my site, you're cool,

feel free to take a closer look at some of my work below.


Comedy Writer and Director for Shrek Shorts Series.

Director Kelly May
Director Kelly May


Showrunner for E!'s What The Fashion, a weekly Comedy Talk Show.

Director Kelly May

Each week we'd outline the episode. I would write specific jokes for each segment. Onset, I would direct the episodes, feed talent one-liners and encourage improv moments. 

What The F#$% Is Bella Thorne Wearing? Who’s Got Slam Dunk Style? AND, Why Are People Dressing Like It’s 1899?! Find Out, On What The Fashion.

Director Kelly May
Director Kelly May


Dark Comedy, Magical Realism and Drama Feature Film Screenplays.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 3.18.16 PM.png
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Copywriter for Kids and Tweens Instagram Accounts, WDW Resorts Facebook Ads and Disney Cruise Line Ads.


Copywriter for Mattel's He-Man, Dirty Jobs Products, New Form Text Stories series, S&F Listicals and many more.



Co-Editor and Lead Writer.

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