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8 Hella Cute Face Masks

Get a little fancy with your face masks.

Here we are people, we are neck deep in this pandemic and we have to find a way to make this new reality a little better. Am I right? So what better way to embrace the new normal, then to take advantage of the latest must have (aka required) accessory, the (non medical) face mask.
From delicate lace to intricate embroidery, we scoured the internet looking for face masks that will make you look like the kind of woman who's done herself up for the day, when we know damn well its just mascara, if that. Face masks are an easy excuse to add a little flourish to your outfit, take advantage of the chance to be extra and you'll be singing Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you. Masquerade! Every face a different shade. Masquerade!Look around, there's another mask behind you. Masquerade! (Andrew Lloyd Webber, always ahead of his time.)
Scroll down to see the masks we'll be wearing to make this crisis fashionable.

We only include products that are selected by Charlie's editorial team. If you purchase a product through a link in this article we may receive a portion of sales.

100% Linen Face Mask

By Ken Strap Shop


Cover that intelligent face with a garden of embroidery. This delicate 3 layer mask has the subtleties of a Jane Austen novel. Very agreeable, indeed.


Desert Dreamer

UO Exclusive Face Mask


Face masks are the new graphic t. So get. in. to. it. Express yourself with this 100% Cotton Urban Outfitters "Kind People Are My Kinda People" face mask. You'll look supes cute AND a portion of the sales will support the American Nurses Foundation's Coronavirus Response Fund. Visit to learn more.


Roopa Pemmaraju

Tie-Back Face Mask


Designer Roopa Pemmaraju offers a well crafted mask that's both fashionable and breathable. Bright colors, cross stitch detailing and adjustable straps. Can you believe this mask is only $12?


Baublebar Adjustable

Face Mask, Set of 2


If you're looking for a deal hit up BaubleBar. They have a super cute collection of gingham, polka dots, plaids and prints. Cheap enough you can buy one for every occasion. Stash one in your car, your purse, your pocket etc. Better safe than sick.


Yellow Tiki Shibori

Face Mask


Quarantine has reignited our love for tie dye but our attempts come nowhere near what fabric artist Nina May (not related to Kelly May) can do. She serves up a Palm springs sophistication and we are here for it. Get lost in her vibrant colors and trippy designs. Check Nina out on insta @NinaMayDesigns.


Kate Spade

Fleur Nouveau Mask


It's cute but not too cute ya know? This might be one of the simplest designs we've seen from Kate Spade. The bold color and clean design makes this mask pretty darn classy, plus it has one of these moldable wires at the top line and a pocket filter which is honestly the best because now we have mask preferences people. Look how far we've come. This mask is so Phase 4. Keep this one for a nice occasion like a wedding... one day.


Liberty Print Face Mask

Set of 2


How about some fancy causal vibes. These exclusive Liberty print face masks are that pop of print for those jeans and t-shirts days. Let's be honest, jeans and t-shirts are considered dressing up now so might as well spice it up.


Free People

Mask and Scrunchie Set


This white lace face mask is very elegantè, and with the matching scrunchy you can create a look that says, "I was suppose to get married this year but Covid happened." So save the "I do's" for next year and spoil yourself with a fancy face mask to hide your disappointment.

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