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  • Kelly May

Top 5 Pregnant Movie Characters

So often our views of women are guided by the movies we've seen. When it comes to pregnant characters you might think of the teenage pregnancy from Juno or the surrogate from Baby Mama but there are many women who wear their badge of pregnancy with a unique perspective. Here are the top five pregnant movie characters who bring a new kind of motherhood to the screen.

Counting down to our number one mama.

#5 Jane Winslett-Richardson - The Life Aquatic (2004)

Cate Blanchett play's reporter, Jane Winslett-Richardson, in the colorful Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Her character is based on chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall. What makes the role of Jane so wonderful is that she is a working woman who is attractive to those around her. She sparks interest from the lead characters despite her pregnant belly. She is seen as intelligent, sophisticated and beautiful. The character reminds us that a woman can maintain her identity through pregnancy. That she can be seen as a whole person.

#4 Ashley Johnsten - Junebug (2005)

Amy Adams lit up the screen as Ashely Johnsten, in the 2005 comedy-drama, Junebug, so much that she was nominated for her role in the film. Her performance as Ashley felt fresh, innocent, energized and heartbreaking. Ashley invokes a hopefulness and excitement that many women feel when they're pregnant. The purity of her character gives way to the harsh reality of loss. She embodies hope from beginning to end, an important message for any woman on the journey to have children.

#3 Marlo - Tully (2018)

You might have expected Juno on the list but writer/director Diablo Cody gave us another pregnancy centered film, the 2018 Charlize Theron film, Tully. Tully follows the life of Marlo, a mother of two, pregnant with her third. Struggling to get through her days, she is gifted with a night nurse named, Tully. The character of Marlo is raw and vulnerable, offering a true to life glimpse into the undertakings of a mother. The isolation, the messiness, the monotony. The brutal honesty is refreshing and cathartic reminding mothers, you're not alone.

#2 Rosemary Woodhouse- Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Roman Polanski's 1968 horror film, Rosemary's Baby, offers a unique insight into the paranoia and fear that can come with pregnancy. Mia Farrow, plays Rosemary Woodhouse, a young wife who comes to learn she's pregnant with Satan's child. What makes Rosemary so interesting is she is constantly gaslit by the characters around her. She is made to feel crazy despite the absurdities she faces. Women are often made to feel like they should grin and bear it despite the very real pain they face. Rosemary helps us come to terms with our individual truths and how we can face them whether they're as terrifying as Satan's child or not, a pregnant woman's pains and fears are still valid.

#1 Marge Gunderson - Fargo (1996)

Number one on our list of best pregnant film characters is Marge Gunderson from the Coen brother's 1996 black comedy, Fargo. Francis McDormand stars as a pregnant Minnesota police chief investigating a roadside homicide. Aside from a few lines about wanting donuts and having morning sickness, Marge's pregnancy takes a back seat in the film and that's what makes it so captivating. She goes head to head with mad men and killers, all in a days work. She is the ultimate heroine, gun wielding, smart, humble and just so happens to be very pregnant. Marge is proof that mom's are pretty amazing.

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