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  • Kelly Say


Destiny is calling, discover the magic inside by reading your zodiac's tarot card.

Every Astrology sign has a tarot card in the Major Arcana. ( A marriage of Archetypes)  Each card is represented by traditional imagery that tells a story and essentially represents the sign. Here we are not using traditional tarot cards but gorg decks that every tarot lover will need. 

Aries - The Emperor 

This card represents a true protector, leader or organizer.  It calls upon us to weigh our decisions in accord with the greater good. Work towards greater mastery in your passions or hobbies. 

Taurus - The Hierophant

The Hierophant card invites us to honor ourselves and stop valuing what others have expected of us. You are the teacher! This card represents spiritual authority ,teaching and education. This card is a guide into our own understanding and insight. Take time to learn, study (whatever it may be about) and even be a little indulgent. 

Gemini - The Lovers

The Lovers card invites us to seek connection. (Not just romantic) Find ways to ground oneself and make meaningful connections. Be sure to move away from shallow interactions. Give connection, rather than waiting for it. 

Cancer - The Chariot 

The Chariot card invites us to move away from comforts. The card represents new beginnings, goals, determination and even a path less traveled. 

Take this card as encouragement to not be passive. The chariot will help you stay confident and draw upon your will power. Be bold little crab! 

Leo - Strength 

The Strength card invites us to be persistent and keep dignity on our path. You are quintessential to building a better world, with your incredible ability to build up others. Have the strength to invite others in and build community. Do be mindful that the courageous thing to do isn't always the right thing to do. 

Virgo - The Hermit  

We often think of the hermit card as loneliness but it's anything but, This card represents Sacrifice and even self care.  This card invites us to mindfully withdraw as Virgos are often the road-pavers or path makers. Put your whole awareness into a path that will be a light to others.  The wisdom gained from solitude will have you gain greater inner peace. 

Libra - Justice 

This card is often thought of as the "karma' card. A good sign of a perfected balancing act or a confirmation of a good decision made.  This card invites you to challenge oneself to explore new ideas in order to be truly fair and ethical. The good you put out will always return a hundredfold

Scorpio - Death

You never pull this card and not gasp a little, Though this card is less spooky than you'd think. This card represents transformation and rebirth. Turn pain into love. Letting go of old patterns is essential to ascend to your higher purpose.  Think forward, Hope + Renewal should be your new mantra. 

Sagittarius - Temperance

 This card is the most healing card in the Major Arcanas. It invites us to restore balance, harmony and integrate patience and harmony in that fiery adventurous spirit wherever you can. We don't always have to be GO, GO ,GO,  sag! 

Capricorn - The Devil

The Devil card is often associated with temptation or control, Ultimately this card represents feeling stuck. A hard lesson. What won't we let go of? Let's embrace self-development and create routine so as not to get caught in the devils trap. 

Aquarius - The Star

This card is pure magic, hope and being uplifted. The Star invites us to continue to love the collective and hold space for creativity, bright ideas and yes emotions. (Aquaruis, afterall is the true humanitarian of the zodiac.) 

Pisces - The Moon 

The moon card represents the subconscious and the unconscious. This card invites us to journey through the unknown (usually deep emotions + intuition) into the light. Reconnect to one's magical self and develop those psychic abilities. 

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