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A Hotel Worth Traveling For

From Dolly Parton statues to Taco Bell decor, Graduate Hotel, Nashville, offers up one sweet surprise after another for Art Director Annie Claire Hudson.

After a broken foot, a cancelled wedding and 4 months stuck inside, Annie decided to make the journey from LA to Nashville to visit her niece, Grace. Grace, a NICU nurse, was celebrating her birthday and eager to have Annie over because she had been in quarantine alone. After weeks of experiencing more delays, cancelled Airbnbs, flight changes and frustrations the two found hope in a midtown hotel, committed to health and safety guild lines.

Graduate Hotel was scheduled to open for business in March of 2020 but due to tornados and COVID shutdowns it was forced to delay. Annie and Grace were some of the first guests to stay at the hotel. With limited capacity and social distancing in place, they were able to enjoy the unique style and chill vibes of Graduate Nashville, a much needed escape.

"You enter and you feel like you're in some sort of museum, an art museum for interiors" explains Annie. "Every textile, the carpet, the wallpaper, everything was unique and fun and interesting. Even the room keys, were designed as school IDs with photos on them. There was nothing, that was just, normal. You feel like you're walking in artwork. them."

"Pointdexter's is the coffee shop, food situation that was open. We were able to get drinks and snacks. At night we could pick up a bottle of wine from the cafe. There were tons of place in walking distance that had outdoor seating."

"The room was like no hotel I've ever stayed in.

Bright and colorful."

"But even in the elevator on the way up, there was a little table with hand sanitizer and, it was really nice and then when you get out, the entire floor was purple themed floor. Patterned purple carpet with cowboy boot prints and sparkly purple wall paper. It was a cool walkway to the room. Then, in the room it was a color explosion. There were canopies over each bed and paintings hung featuring classic country singers. It made it hard to choose which bed. The bathroom was quite the opposite though, it was all black, the floors, the ceilings and the walls, with brass accents. It felt like I was in a swanky bar restroom. It was such a surprise, the contrast. And they had Malin+Goetz soaps, the scents are just as unique as everything else in the hotel. The rooms are cool but really the entire hotel was visually interesting and fun."

"The pool, you enter out to the pool and theres a really cute blue and white stripe towels. And again there are a million different seating areas to choose from. There are outdoor beds by the pool that are upholstered in Lily Pulitzer fabric. It's super feminine, even the tiles in the pool are pink. There's a giant Dolly Parton sculpture. The floor is a black and white checkerboard which creates another cool contrast. We spent most of our time up on the pool deck. It's not a massive area but it's nice because the city view, it feels exclusive, private. It really is the perfect bachelorette spot really, because you can take pictures anywhere and it looks cute, ya know."

"I will definitely go back because they have a karaoke bar and the rooftop restaurant that weren't open. So I'd go again to experience the rest of it. And honestly because everyone was so, so nice. I'll be back."

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