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How To Be A Home Workout Hero

Get those beach bods ready baby! Because summer is coming, the pandemic is loosening and we are goin to be rockin' the best accessory of all, SKIN! Annie Claire Hudson teams up with local LA trainer, Brent Minton, to get her booty in gear.

We sat down with Brent Minton to get his take on working out from home.

What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey?

Brent Minton: It’s important when you are just starting out to make a mental note every day that you need to stay positive and keep pushing. We are all human and we have good days and bad days. Sometimes we feel down and not motivated to get off the couch. But if you can trick your brain and try to stay positive and keep pushing you’re more than half way there. Consistency is key too. The more you can get on a repetitive schedule during the week you will see fast results. Accountability is a very useful tool when starting your fitness journey. That’s where someone like me can come in and assist you with staying on track. Patience is important as results do not come over night.

What is the best thing I can add to my home workout?

Brent Minton: The best thing you can add to your home workout are circuits. Come up with 4 or 5 different circuits during a given session. In each one make sure to have a few strength, core, and cardio movements. This way you can focus on muscle building/toning and elevating the heart rate to burn more calories all during one session. Get more bang for your buck!

Walk us through a workout.

Brent Minton: Squat to press is a great full body movement. Here we are attacking the quads/qutes, core, and arms. Start by holding weights or any household objects chin level. Squat down so legs are 90 degrees, hold for a second, and then stand, pressing your weight through the heels, and press weight over head. Repeat for a certain number of reps (15-20) or for time (1 min.)

Renegade Rows are great for focusing on the back, chest, and core. Begin in a high plank position with a wide foot stance, and holding a pair of dumbbells. By putting all your weight on one side of your body, lift one arm upwards. Keep moving arm close to the torso and raise elbow towards the ceiling for a full range of motion. Next perform a single push-up (on knees is a modification). Keep the core engaged. Then row the other side. Repeat this process for a certain amount of reps or time.

Skater jumps are a fun low impact cardio movement. Begin standing with legs together and slightly bent. Bring one leg back and to one side as you pretend to skate on ice. Side jump to the other side bringing the other leg over and back. Repeat in a fast sequence in order to increase the heart rate. Go for 30 seconds or 1 minute.

How did you get into personal training?

Brent Minton: As a little kid I was always very active. You’d see me running around the backyard with my two brothers chasing each other playing tag. I started lifting weights in college and loved it. After graduation, I moved to LA and was looking for a flexible job so that I might pursue entertainment. I needed a job where I could create my own hours. One of my college friends suggested I become a personal trainer. So I studied really hard and got certified through NASM. My first gig was training at my local LA Fitness. However, I soon realized how I still missed and enjoyed the entertainment environment and thought I would merge both industries together. My next gig was on the Fox Studio lot. I trained at the gym on campus. All employees had access to the facility. The gym was small but had nice equipment. It was exciting walking to the gym while passing all the fancy sets and saying hi to my clients! A year later, an opportunity at Disney Studios opened up and I was transferred there. This gym was two stories with state of the art equipment. I thoroughly enjoyed pushing employees past their comfort zone and helping them conquer their fitness goals.

Where can our followers find you?

Brent Minton: I branded myself as “bmintcondition” I provide private personal training sessions (gym or virtual), and offer virtual group fitness classes via Zoom. I am working on creating a website as well where I will have online workouts, nutrition tips, and fitness advice. Stay tuned! In the meantime, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube: bmintcondition.

Any final words of inspiration?

Brent Minton: We all want to feel and look our best. 2020 made us into crumpled up dollar bills. Let's get back on track this year. You are worth every penny, you get better with age, and should SHINE every day! Whether you are recovering from a knee injury and improving your mobility or wanting to feel and look your best for your wedding, I can help you achieve your goals! If you are in need of any fitness/diet help I am here to give you pointers. Please reach out. I don’t bite. 😉 Bmintcondition 323-5BR-ENT5

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