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  • Kelly May

How To Make Room For Your Passions

We've all tricked ourselves into thinking that we have to hustle everyday, work ourselves to the edge of sanity and sacrifice our passions for success but what if there was an easier way? TV Executive and Style Blogger, Arielle Worona, inspires us to think differently about having it all.

The Los Angeles-based content creator has found a way to work full time, as VP of Unscripted at Studio 71, while raising two girls and producing content for her personal brand, Relish. Arielle's days are definitely full, but she exhibits an air of calm confidence, she's holds the reigns and she's in control.

Arielle! How do you manage it all?

Arielle Worona: (laughs) I work for the studio during the day, play with the girls until their bedtime and spend the evenings working on Relish. It's not really work (Relish) because I love doing it. I look forward to it. If I didn't have something creative and fun, I wouldn't be fulfilled. You make room for things you love and now that I don’t have a commute, I use that time to create. I shoot constantly. I feel really lucky.

So, some good came from COVID?

Arielle Worona: I’ve been working on Zoom for a year now, so it's allowed more in-between time to breathe and focus on what matters. It's been a hard time for everyone but it's also been a time to inspire.

You're a successful Executive surrounded by celebrities and influencers, what made you want to create Relish?

Arielle Worona: I created this in 2012. It came to be because I always loved writing in a journal and was an avid fashion illustrator for fun.. I started relish to post the illustrations. But I kept having pitch meetings with celebrities, these strong women who were doing their own thing, pitching their own tv shows, telling their own stories. I was inspired. And after the birth of my first baby, that’s when this became real.

What do you mean by this became real?

Arielle Worona: Eventually people find you and it just starts to take off. I’ve gotten so many paid collaborations and brand partnerships that are beyond my wildest dreams. Real brand with actual paid content. That blows my mind that people are even finding me. That I’m able to even enjoy this.

What brands were the most exciting for you?

Arielle Worona: Everlane, which I'm a big fan of. And recently Jason Wu with 1800 Flowers.

With all that you've learned as a Producer, an Executive and Mom, what's next for Relish?

Arielle Worona: I want to do more content like what I do for celebrities and influencers. I really want Relish to be a destination for mom multi-hyphenates. I want to inspire women to be able to balance it all and to know it's okay even if you have a high power job, when you have kids. I want people to know it is possible to do it all, have it all. Baby poop in one hand and a conference call in another.

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