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  • Kelly May

Is This The Podcast We Need Right Now?

Podcast Hosts, Liz Culley and Daryn Carp of the hit new show Scissoring Isn't A Thing. have a unique perspective on sex, gender and what it means to identify as a woman. Considering it is Women's History Month, this may be the podcast we need to help educate each other on what it means to be a woman in 2021.

Los Angeles based dog mom and Bustle Executive Liz Culley is no stranger to the incessant pitfalls that come with being a woman, in fact she may see more rude innuendos and subtle put downs because she's bisexual. Liz, doesn't fulfill the general, small minded, notion of what a Lesbian is. She's married, she gets her nails done, regularly, and she loves pretty things. The fact that Liz can shock others, dispelling their beliefs of Lesbian women by just being herself, is upsetting. Women are not housewives who bake, Lesbians are not truck drivers who wear flannel and Bisexuals are not confused hippies. Sex and gender are something Liz has to face everyday. Whether she's assumed to be straight, or told she's not gay enough or asked inappropriate questions by co-workers. Her personal experience plays well with her co-host Daryn Carp.

Daryn Carp is an industry vet and reality junkie, based in New York. She's host of People's Reality Check and is Andy Cohen's assistant. She busted her ass as an NBC Page and worked her way up to Reality TV royalty. She considers herself as someone who can "hang with the boys" and "dish with the girls." Daryn, like Liz, has helped to shape a more diverse view of Lesbians and women. As co-hosts, Daryn and Liz's personal experience combined with their careers in pop culture are what make the Scissoring Isn't a Thing podcast so enjoyable and important.

What's the best part of talking to guests about sex and gender?

Liz Culley: I love that everyone has a very personal and different take on gender and sexuality and I am constantly learning from our guests. Through the show, I've realized my own sexuality identity isn't black and white and that it is, and can, be fluid.

Daryn Carp: Learning about the subtle nuances of people’s reactions. Being a part of the Queer community, doesn’t mean just one thing, there are so many different ways to think of something and learn about something. While we are part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally of it, at the end of the day, we are all individuals with our own unique experiences and filters.

In your personal life, what's the worst sex/gender/identity question you've been asked?

Liz Culley: "How do you plan to have children?"

Daryn Carp: How do lesbians have sex? Which one is the guy in the relationship? Dont you miss men? You're too pretty to be gay, are you sure?

Do you have a favorite Queer media brand or show that you can relate to?

Liz Culley: In the traditional sense, I actually don't! I love LGBTQ+ female-run meme accounts like @godimsuchadyke but I don't see myself in a lot of queer shows or brands, one of the many reasons why we started this show was to diversify what it looks and sounds like to be a queer woman.

Daryn Carp: I cannot be a card carrying member of the lesbian club and NOT say The L shaped me and was part of my formative years in so many ways. Luckily in media, we are starting to see a lot more queer brands and shows that tackle this head on. Certainly, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen has made being queer or gay barely part of the conversation because its completely normalized as it should be.

What episode should new listeners of SIAT start with?

Liz Culley: Typically I say if you see we've interviewed someone you love, listen to that one first! I love them all like my children but standouts for me are Buck Angel, Heather Gay and Regina Hicks.

Daryn Carp: I am pretty proud of our conversation with Buck Angel who is our “tranpa” (his words, not ours), but I will say, the two that come to mind are Dave Quinn, who is a friend of mine. His coming out story was hard and difficult, but he comes out the other side a better person and I think listeners will be able to empathize and relate in a really raw way. And then of course, Heather Gay from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She dives deep on being a Mormon while also loving gay people and how the religion squares that.

Who's your dream guest for the show?

Liz Culley: Leslie Jordan and Rihanna. I'd die for both of them.

Daryn Carp: I have SO many! I would love Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, Jodie Foster, Roxane Gay, Wanda Sykes and those are big names. ANYONE FROM THE US WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM WOULD MAKE ME SCREAM! But I also think getting in politicians and public policy wonks, people who have the power in their hands to change the public’s thinking and then change laws, are so important. Pete Buttigieg would be great. Also, getting Camille Paglia on would be a dream for me as she is a public intellectual with a biting wit and I think we could learn a lot from her.

To learn more about Liz and Daryn, follow them on Instagram @ListentoLiz and @CarpeDaryn. Scissoring Isn't a Thing is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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