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  • Annie Claire Hudson

My Whole 30 Survival Tips!

Have you been thinking about trying out the Whole 30 Challenge? My husband and I just finished our first ever Whole 30, and I gotta say, it was rough until I discovered small ways to make life on Whole 30 MUCH easier. This is my list of tips and tricks to make it all the way to day 30!

Duck Fat

That's right... duck fat! You won't be able to cook with regular butter anymore, just ghee or clarified butter. I personally don't love the flavor that ghee brings to my dishes, so I found duck fat at my local Whole Foods (they also have chicken, beef and pork!). I will likely continue to use this after day 30. The animal fat gives so much flavor to your meals, you wont even miss butter.

Anything Primal Kitchen Brand!

Primal Kitchen will be your best friend on this 30 day journey. They make a wide variety of foods, and are available at most grocery stores. They take all the guess work and constant ingredient checking out of your shopping experience. They have the Whole 30 logo printed right on the front of their products that are Whole 30 compliant, which majority of their products ARE!


It's hard drinking water and black coffee for a month! Try to spice it up with some mocktails. This can be anything you like that's compliant, but my personal go to was sparkling water with a dash of fruit juice for flavor. This was the perfect way to relax and the end of the day.

Blueberry Protein Bars

If you have a sweet tooth like me, Whole 30 can be very challenging. But I found something that helped me through. The Blueberry RX Bar is sweet and still follows the Whole 30 guidelines. :)

Snack Board dinner

You will be cooking A LOT while on Whole 30. If you are having one of those days where you really are not in the mood to cook a full meal, I suggest a snack board dinner! This was always super fun to put together, and no cooking required. This also looks great in an instagram pic too!

Sparkling Green Tea with Pineapple

These will SAVE YOUR LIFE when you go out with friends. I was struggling with rallying while my other friends were able to have a drink. These canned iced tea with juice gave me just the right energy boost to keep up! They also taste delicious.


The best advice I can give, is to book something exciting at the end of the 30 days. This helped motivate me to make it all the way to day 30! I personally chose Disneyland, but you could book a nice dinner, or a wine night... really anything!

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