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  • Kelly May

Shop The Film: Romeo + Juliet

Rival gangs, bitter death and new love, make for a fashionable film in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. From ivory silks to colorful button downs this is one collection of looks to die for. "Did my heart love till now?"

Director Baz Luhrmann's 1996, award winning film, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in a modern interpretation of the classic Shakespeare tragedy. In this adaptation swords are replaced with guns and restricting fashion is replaced with unbuttoned shirts and flowing fabrics. Romeo + Juliet gives us the best of the 90's with colorful boost to the typical grunge look. Flowing blouses, fitted vests, gold chains dominate the film.

Check out our curated picks inspired by Romeo + Juliet, below. "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

Farm Rio

Teal Bananas Shirt


The House of Montague exhibits a fresh, colorful vibe. Which is why this Farm Rio shirt is the perfect update to the poppy button downs warn by Romeo's cousins. The oversized, relaxed fit is attractive on any body type and the bananas, well they'll just make you smile.

Jonathan Simkhai

Elle Bustier Top


There are a few pieces in the film that mimic more clothing that you might see in a classic version of Romeo and Juliet. This Jonathan Simkhai top creates the illusion of a bustier undergarment while giving full coverage to wear in the light of day. There's something very romantic about this piece. Perfect for your Valentine's date.

Farm Rio

Cosmic Floral Shirt


Romeo wears an iconic blue, button downs with a more whimsical touch than those of his cousins. This Farm Rio shirt has a detailed print that makes it stand out from the rest.


Mini Cross Necklace


With heavy religious influences throughout the film, we must of course, include a gold cross. This SHAY necklace is more feminine version of the chunky cross warn by Romeo's best friend Mercutio. And with this price, wear it to your grave.

Fleur du Mai

Silk Bra Detail Shirt


In contrast to the Montague family, The House of Capulet opts for a more sophisticated, edgy look with lots of black and white. This Fleur Du Mai silk shirt would look great with a big silver belt buckle and tight black jeans. Throw on a holster but leave the gun at home. You're a lover not a fighter!

Temperley London

Bardot Sequined Crepe Jumpsuit


Romeo's bff convinces him to take ecstasy and go party. This is when the sparkle and glam come out in the film. This Temperley London Jumpsuit is our take on Mercutio's glittery bustier and cape ensemble. It definitely screams ecstasy.

Farm Rio

Toucans Pajama Shirt


We can't get enough of Farm Rio. Here's just one more bold button down for your House of Montague wardrobe.

Kika Vargas

Tessa Top


During the costume party in the film, Romeo is fetching as a knight in shining armor. This Kika Vargas combines that old world romance with a quilted silver that give a nod to Romeo's armor.

Brinker & Eliza

Heart of Gold Earrings


We can't leave these star crossed lover looks without a few hearts. These gold plated, embellished hearts look like they're straight off the movie poster. They give an edgier, more interesting look to the heart shape.


The Aaliyah Gown


For a teenage bride, Juliet has incredibly chic taste. This CAMI NYC gown gives us those 90's spaghetti straps and silk buttons. The simplicity and ease of the cut make it a piece that will never go out of style.

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