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  • Annie Claire Hudson

The Best Fashion in Bridgerton

For me, Bridgerton has been one of the best escapes from this year of COVID. This Regency, Gossip Girl esq drama truly kept my eyes glued to the screen through to the very end. I found myself longing for a purpose to get all dressed up again. The costumes throughout this series walk the line between historical accuracy and modern runways. Without further ado, here are my favorite fashion moments from Bridgerton season 1.

#10 Lady Danbury's white high collared gown

Throughout the series, Lady Danbury typically wears dark colors. This look naturally stands out because it is white, but also because she simply looks fantastic. I am obsessed with the high collar at the back of the dress as well. Lady Danbury is also dripping in diamonds, showing off her high standing in society.

#9 Penelope Featherington's yellow butterfly dress

Penelope wears many yellow dresses throughout the season... much to her despair. Her mother always dresses her in yellow because "yellow is a happy color", and it was sure to attract a good match. While most of her dresses are positively wretched, I rather like this one. The butterfly details feel unique to what the other women wear throughout the entire series.

#8 Eloise Bridgerton's opening scene dress

Eloise quickly became one of my favorite characters. She is Daphne's younger sister who has absolutely no interest in being introduced to society. She would much rather attend college (which was reserved for the men) than parade around in dresses to catch the eye of a potential match. This dress, like her others, has a high neckline, which was common during the regency period for everyday wear. Her modest costumes really suit her character and not until the end of the series when she is introduced into society does that change.

#7 Daphne Bridgerton's presentation to the queen

The opening sequence for the show really sets the stage for Daphne as the diamond girl for the season. We all watch in awe as she floats into the room and down the aisle towards the Queen. The large white feathers on her head are silly yet beautiful. I love the satin puff sleeves and the little bits of gold on her dress.

#6 The many wigs and hair accessories

From the Queen's pink wig to Eloise's many hairbows, I am OBSESSED. I can't wait to start playing around with accessories and wigs to try and recreate some of these over the top looks.

#5 The Queen's yellow and blue dress

The Queen has by far the most grand costumes in the show. Her full skirts and big hair are so so good throughout the series. Many of her looks reminded me of something Marie Antoinette might have worn. This yellow and blue dress is my favorite of the Queens looks from this season.

#4 Daphne Bridgerton's first dance with the Duke

When Daphne shares her very first dance with Simon she has on a beautiful blue floral dress. Blue is the Bridgerton family color, and Daphne wears is almost exclusively throughout the season. When watching this scene, I could not help but compare it to the Cinderella's first dance with the prince. Her dress had layers of tulle with floral embroidery throughout, giving the dress a magical feel. While they dance you can see the light from the fireworks shining through the layers... ooh la la!

#3 Lady Violet Bridgerton's garden dress

Throughout the show I actually did not love most of Lady Violet's costumes. Many of her looks were nice but not memorable. This look however really stood out to me. I love the pattern of the fabric and the pop of blue from underneath.

#2 Daphne Bridgerton's black and white ball gown

As there are many events during the regency season, some would have a dress theme. This was my favorite event of the entire show. All the young women were dressed in black and white gowns and there were circus performers and opera singers all around the ballroom. This was quite out of the ordinary for Daphne's typical powder blue, and for that reason it really stuck out to me.

#1 Daphne Bridgerton's wedding dress

In the #1 spot, drumroll please!......... Daphne! I know, I know, this might seem like an obvious choice, but it really is a beautiful look. Her wedding dress was all white with floral embroidery towards the bottom of the skirt. She also wears a large sparkling crown and ribbons in her hair. The long train of the skirt is romantic and makes this dress stand out from all her other beautiful gowns.

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