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Bando is a curated online shop that embraces color and fun. Shop our Bando picks to add a little joy to your environment.


Daisy Tank


This handmade piece is a special one. Crocheted from vintage materials. It has small imperfections and a definite granny vibe but the crop top cut makes it a perfect spring time statement.

Sweet Bella

Croissant Lamp


A portable light always comes in handy and dear lord this is a cute one. The description says its made with "real bread" so don't get carried away and the the thing!


Go Pouch Set

$38 is the go to shop for Baggu bags. They carry the cutest prints and they always sell out fast, so act now! This 3 pouch set with a summer plants design are perfect for traveling and staying organized.

Valentine's Day

Card Set


How cute are these Valentine's day cards. Send a little love to your friends and family.


The Tie-Dye Mat


Bando always finds the cutest prints. These Mysomat mats come in several different designs and each one is cute enough to keep out on the floor all day long.

Peking Handicraft

Red Heart Hook Pillow


This 10 in x 10 in heart pillow is so cute and affordable. Its made with wool yarn and has a velvet backing. Nice enough V-Day decor to keep in the house all year long.

Back me up!

Rainbow Charging Cord


Life is in the details so why not make everything you surround yourself with a little happier. Bando's 60 inch fabric phone cords come in a variety of Sunshine and rainbows. This raglan short sleeve tee has color blocked panels and comes in perfectly groovy sunset shades. Pair this with some denim bell bottoms and throw another record on.


Weighted Bangles 2lb.


The easy way to feel like you're working out when you're just waddling around the sound. Strap these little cuties on and do the laundry or throw down your yoga mat and give it a little extra juice with these around your ankles. They're stylish and easy, 'nough said.

Casa Clara

Ava Bracelet


Get jump start on spring with this white daisy chain bracelet. Because daisy's are that flower that will keep you smiling.

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