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  • Annie Claire Hudson

The Cutest Shoes From Every Era

In fashion, we know that old trends might fade at first but they almost always come back. I wanted to take a look at how shoes have changed through time, and what trends have stuck around. Behold! The ultimate shoppable list of shoes by decade... You're welcome.

The 1920's

As hemlines began to rise, women's shoes were now completely on show. Women needed shoes that could be used for dancing and that would also compliment their outfits. The most popular pairs had a modest 2 inch heel and a strap across the top. This style of shoe still graces many dancers feet today.

The 1930's

Woman of the 30's were interested in a shoe that would be much more durable and cost effective. Oxford shoes these days would have more coverage and thicker straps too!

The 1940's

In the 40's we start seeing some new shapes. Woman wore loafers, peep toes, and we also see the first wedge style heel.

The 1950's

The 50's have arrived, and saddle shoes are everywhere. The iconic black and white style was very popular among young woman. While many women still wore heels, flat shoes were completely back in style.

The 1960's

Hey mama, welcome to the 60's! New materials such as vinyl have entered the chat, making shoes much easier to make and less expensive. This also opened the door to fun bright colors as well. With mini skirts in fashion, woman were choosing colorful fun shoes and go-go boots to compliment the silhouette.

The 1970's

It's time for my absolute favorite decade, the 70's! I am obsessed with all things disco, so you know I have many 70's inspired shoes. This era introduced sky high platforms of all shapes and sizes. We also start to see more natural materials being used.

The 1980's

As we enter the 80's, things get a little more sporty. Many woman rocked high top sneakers everyday. We also see even more fun and bright colors.

The 1990's

And finally, the 90's. In this era, we start to see some polarizing trends. With grunge on the rise, chunky shoes were in! Dr. Martens are widely popular, as well as thick soled slides. On the other end of the spectrum we find cute little strappy heels. What is your 90's shoe preference?

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