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  • Kelly May

What Does The Future Of Fitness Look Like?

We went from working out to not working, gyms opening, then closing, fitness classes starting, then stopping and going under all together. Some of our favorite fitness studios shut their doors for good, others evolved and new fitness plans emerged. With the home gym gaining popularity and gym rats getting use to the idea of working out at home, we have to ask ourselves, what now? What does the future of fitness look like? To help us answer this question we turned to Stefanie Brown one of three founding instructors to create the rising star that is, Pivot Virtual Fitness.

How did PIVOT Virtual Fitness emerge from COVID?

Stefanie Brown: So, in march of last year, I was working for a bunch of studios and doing well and then, everything shut down in the fitness industry. It was messy and chaotic and nobody knew what was going on. All us instructors were left with, what do we do? So I started doing my own virtual classes. I had a group of 8-10 people coming to my zoom classes. But I'm just one person and I kept thinking, I bet it would be much more beneficial for clients to have more times and modalities to my fitness. I wonder if I could team up with some of the other instructors I know are in the same boat and put something together. I partnered up with Katy McKinney and Juliet Brooks. We worked through the summer, launched a beta version in October 2020 and pushed live in January of this year.

Lots of people turned to Youtube for fitness, how is a virtual studio like, PIVOT, different than just watching videos for free online?

Stefanie Brown: We can see everyone on the zoom call. You keep your cameras on so we can monitor your form to make sure you’re doing it correctly. And the accountability of having to show up at a given time, makes a difference. A lot of clients now, we know them, so we can tell them to pick up a heavier weight. We have that personal connection and it feels more personal. Which is maybe why the reason it's going well.

And what about the big online fitness studios that provide live classes?

Stefanie Brown: The way we differentiate ourselves from the big studios like Peloton, where they have these live classes with mass followings, is we're boutique, we provide small classes. We have a limit of 20 slots for each class. The intimacy is important. We have an instructor that does prenatal classes, she has a debrief with everyone before the class starts, and knowing what you told her, she can help with modifications during the work out. We also have events going on, we try to do 3 a month. Like, HIT happy hour, where we do a work out and have a cocktail. We do a foam rolling workshop. The events are all free, to help educate and promote community.

COVID is turning and things are looking better, how will gyms reopening impact virtual fitness?

Stefanie Brown: From the clients perspective, it's become the new normal that people work out from home now. Most people have created home gyms. The way we approach things is all about feeling good. The last thing we want to talk about is what you look like. It's about lifestyle changes. Virtual fitness keeps you focused on your own personal workout journey, not comparing yourself or trying to keep up with the person next to you.

Any exciting additions to PIVOT that we can expect this summer?

Stefanie Brown: We're building out a program where its monthly unlimited classes supported by a nutritionist and we plan to bring on more modalities, we currently don’t really have a pilates option and dance cardio.

Where do I sign up?

Stefanie Brown: Try our 7 day free trial on our PIVOT website!

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